About Us

About Us

Greevill is an Egyptian company located in Cairo, specialized in exporting premium quality Egyptian freeze dried fruits & frozen vegetables and fruits using blast and IQF technologies. Our Main focus is to ensure the best quality & packaging (Bulk & Retail), according to our clients’ needs.

“Every step matters”is not only our slogan but also our road to success. We control the whole cycle of production: starting from choosing the seeds carefully, picking a fertile rich soil, to the process of agriculture, harvesting, freezing, packaging, transporting,

warehousing and exporting; all are under our direct supervision and fully controlled by us through the supply chain. In addition to that, we monitor all Greevill manufacturing procedures by ISO 9001/22000, HACCP and our Quality Assurance System which has been certified by white list.

Last but not least, the human resource is Greevill’s strength point. Greevill believes that success is impossible without creating a well-established structure of skilled, loyal,

motivated, and professional staff. Our employees are provided with technical training through local and foreign experts to ensure the accomplishment of the highest quality standards for our customers.

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