Grilled Puree Eggplant

Grilled Puree Eggplant

Rich in Many Nutrients. …High in Antioxidants. …May Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease. …May Promote Blood Sugar Control. Could Help With Weight Loss. …May Have Cancer-Fighting Benefits. …Very Easy to Add to Your Diet..

Origin:+A3:A17+A3:B3 Egypt
HS Code: 0709300000
Class: A
Variety: Arous\Roumy
Size: *************
Product description: Grilled Puree
Process: Washed, sorted, Cut, Grilled, IQF, packed
Production date JUN,JUL,AUG,SEP
Packing available: *************
4*2.5 K.G in bags into carton box 10 K.G
10*1 K.G in bags into carton box 10 K.G
(according costumer request)
Storage At a temperature of -18°C
Shelf life 18 months after production date



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